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Spiked Pops...Who?

Spiked Pop's takes pride in serving alcohol infused popsicles with a Greek-yogurt base. We serve our products responsibly and offer decadent dessert flavors that keeps your taste buds watering. Each popsicle is creamy and rich in flavor. Our best-sellers are our pink-lemonade, cookies and cream, and key-lime pie popsicles served with a rum-base. Let your taste buds experience this mouth-watering roller coaster. 

Meet the Owner

 One day, Amari Jones had a brilliant idea to combine two favorites; alcohol and Greek yogurt-based frozen treats. Her friends went crazy over the concept so she decided to experiment with different flavors and spirits and Spiked Pops was born! Amari has four years of combined sales and customer service experience. She understands the importance of delivering quality products on time fit for any occasion while providing great customer service. 

Check out her LinkedIn profile for more information:  linkedin.com/in/amaribjones  


We would love the opportunity to serve you and let you experience this new mouth-watering craze. We offer customized flavors for your special days and guarantee you'll love our Spiked Pops or your money back! 

 Be sure to stop by the Atlanta Ice Cream Festival July 22nd and try your new favorite pops!


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